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Your home and landscape are an empty canvas, just waiting to be given the additional beauty they deserve. There are so many opportunities and possibilities to create something spectacular. That’s precisely how we approach every client’s property when we begin our metamorphosis with Columbia SC outdoor lighting. Your home, landscape, pathways, and outdoor living spaces are our blank canvas and each outdoor lighting fixture is our medium that facilitates creating your masterpiece.

Every client has a vision, a look, and feel they want outdoor lighting to accomplish for their property. We know it takes more than a couple of outdoor lighting fixtures to transform your property. It takes the expertise of a professional outdoor lighting company to take that blank canvas and transform it into a spectacular work of art. You’ll see that with the designs we’ve created for clients all around the Columbia area. From the initial consultation to the custom design plan and installation and finally the big reveal, every detail is carefully planned to bring your vision to life. Seeing is believing. Take a little journey with us through this short four-part video showing our process in action.

1) The Consultation – After the initial call, we come to your home to evaluate your blank canvas and determine the best types of Columbia SC outdoor lighting fixtures for your property. This gives us time to listen to your vision for your masterpiece and have a grasp on where to begin your outdoor lighting system design.

2) The Custom Design Plan & Demonstration – We’ll then create a custom outdoor lighting design for your spaces. Some areas may work best with softer, subtler light while others need higher visibility for safety and/or entertaining. Each area is designed to work together in concert for a stunning look.

3) The Installation – Installation is completed by our professionals and thoroughly tested to ensure the entire design meets your needs. We will even follow up with you in the days after the installation just to make certain you’re completely satisfied with our work.

4) The Reveal – It is then time for the big reveal! You’ll see your home in a new way. Colors come alive, textures are revealed and dramatic shadows combine to bring your vision to life, all perfected with the right balance of light.

If you’re ready for a transformation of your outdoor living spaces, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia a call today at 803-935-4611, email us at, fill out the form to the upper right, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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