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Columbia-trellis-lit-with-outdoor-lighting-300x225Now that trees are budding and flowers are blooming, you are probably spending more time outdoors in your outdoor living spaces and in the yard. This evening, take some time to walk around your property. Are you happy with how it looks when the sun begins to fade? Do you notice dark areas and shadows that are hiding important features of your property? Maybe you’re planning some additions to your landscaping this spring, or perhaps adding a deck or a fire pit area. You have invested time and money into your yard to make it appealing and functional. Of course, you want to spend time in those spaces, so don’t let sunset drive you indoors. Now is undoubtedly the perfect time for an outdoor lighting addition.

backyard landscape lighting Columbia SCSome people believe that outdoor lighting is all or nothing, but in reality, most people install their outdoor lighting in phases as their properties change and expand. With new additions to landscape and architecture, new areas need lighting. When Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia installs an outdoor lighting system, we try to plan for expansion, meaning we do our best not to max out your transformer. This strategy can make additions more affordable when you decide to move forward.

outdoor lighting Columbia SCDid you know that, if you add LED lights, you can add even more than you could if they were halogen? It’s true, and you won’t be able to tell the difference in the quality of the lighting. Many of our clients have both halogen and LED lights in their system. Our high-quality CREE® LED lights blend seamlessly into a halogen system, so even if all of your outdoor lighting isn’t LED, you can still reap some of its benefits until you fully upgrade.

outdoor lighting perspectives of ColumbiaWarm Columbia nights awash in beautiful light; it’s what we have been waiting for all winter. Be sure that the best of your property is visible day or night by making an outdoor lighting addition part of your spring improvements. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia today at 803-935-4611, email us at, fill out the form to the upper right, or visit our website. As the area’s premier outdoor lighting company, we are ready to make all the work you’ve done this spring shine.

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