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Columbia SC outdoor lightingHave you noticed how quickly your landscaping is growing now that we are getting some rain and warmer days? You’ve probably been spending more evenings outdoors and may have noticed your outdoor lighting system isn’t looking so good. Maybe you’ve even noticed some fixtures aren’t coming on at all, creating an unbalanced look for your home. Or maybe that overgrowth from your landscaping is completely blocking the lighting effect now. If any of these situations ring true, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia can bring your system back to life.

backyard landscape lighting Columbia SCThe outdoor lighting fixtures we use at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia are top of the line solid copper accent fixtures and heavy-duty PVC well lights. Our fixtures will stand the test of time and will not fade, chip or peel like cheaper aluminum fixtures can. But, every outdoor lighting system needs a bit of TLC, no matter how superior the fixtures are. A service call may be just what your Columbia outdoor lighting system needs to look as good as it did the day it was installed. We can even service systems that were not installed by us! During our service call, we’ll identify and correct any problems you may have with your fixtures and be sure the entire system is working safely. We can also replace any worn out bulbs, rebury any wiring that may have surfaced, check your transformer, reposition any fixtures that are not properly illuminating and reset your timer if needed.

Call for our comprehensive service and maintenance plans.

Call for our comprehensive service and maintenance plans.

If keeping your system looking and working its best interests you, consider our Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP). Our AMP is designed to provide year-round service and peace of mind for your outdoor lighting system. We’ll do all our service checks and correct any issues related to your system whether it’s with the fixtures, bulbs, transformer or anything in between. Our skilled technicians will provide you trouble free maintenance during the term of the contract to keep your system fully functional. We’ll even trim for plant overgrowth if it is blocking the lighting effect to ensure the best look possible.

Additionally, once we are at your home, we can talk about adding additional zones or areas on to your system or upgrading an older system to our technologically advanced LEDs. Our LEDs give a superior, warm lighting effect and save on energy costs and maintenance needs. Plus, LEDs use less wattage than halogen so it may be possible to add several fixtures onto your system without the need for an additional transformer.

outdoor lighting perspectives of ColumbiaRest assured that no matter what is needed for your outdoor lighting system, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is committed to making it work and look its best. So while you’re outside this week, take a look around and if you notice your outdoor lighting system needs servicing. If so, just give us a call at (803) 935-4611, email us at or fill out our form to the upper right. We’ll bring your Columbia outdoor lighting system back to life and have it looking as good as new.

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