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Making an entrance is a beautiful thing, especially when it is done right.  We aren’t talking about tripping over a chair as you enter the room, spilling a tray of drinks all over the guests so that all eyes are on you.  We are talking about the grand entrance outdoor lighting can make to your Columbia area home.  Take for example the entrance we enhanced with landscape lighting at this home in Forest Acres.

Starting with a beautiful home makes our job easy.  While the homeowners had  lights by their front door, they weren’t portraying that welcoming feeling they had envisioned.  Not only was the home difficult to see from the street at night, the gorgeous palm trees that we are fortunate to have in our area were completely lost.  They knew they wanted to create an atmosphere that welcomed them home after a long day.  We were able to do this with just a few Columbia landscape lighting fixtures.

Palm Tree Lighting Forest Acres

We started with the trio of palm trees near the top of their driveway.  By positioning Columbia landscape lighting fixtures at the bottom of the trees, we not only illuminated the trunks of the trees, showing the textures that can only be found in palms, but we were able to light all the way up to the unique shape of the fronds.  Lighting the palm trees also brightened the darkened corner of the home.


Driveway Lighting Forest Acres


Going further down the drive we added six of our copper path lights to the sides.  Our path light is one of our most versatile outdoor lighting fixtures, spreading a warm ambient light on the drive and surrounding grounds to give the perfect amount of illumination.  Path lights are great for this application as well as in landscaping because they are lower to the ground and give off just enough light to bring out the colors of your flowers or guide you safely through a walking area.  Because they cast light down, they also work great in naturally dark or secluded areas where you just want a soft accentuation of light or increased visibility.


If you’re interested in bringing any of your outdoor living spaces to life at night call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia.  We have a full line of quality copper outdoor lighting fixtures that can be used in a variety of applications.  Our nighttime demonstrations and custom outdoor lighting designs are part of our process so you can see what your spaces will look like before the work is Kenny-Kaufmandone. Whether you want to enhance the curb appeal of your home or add deck lighting, dock lighting, landscape lighting or anything in between, we are Columbia’s best choice when it comes to custom outdoor lighting.  Give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

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