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Pool area lighting ensure that the edges of your pool and your seating areas are visible.

Pool area lighting ensure that the edges of your pool and your seating areas are visible.

Though we’ve had a bit of a break here in Columbia the past few days, the temperatures are rising. Summer is just around the corner, and that means fun times in your pool. Remember when you were a kid? Summer pool time was the best time, and if you’re like me, you still hold those memories dear. Remember sneaking out to swim at night? Of course your mom would have been livid if she’d known because it’s dangerous to swim in dark, but that feeling of the water surrounding you, the whisper of mild air, and the call of night noises were just too much to resist. You did it anyway. Now that you’re older and own a pool yourself, why limit yourself to daytime swimming? You can swim safely here in Columbia at night by installing pool area lighting. Not only would your mom approve, but your thirteen year old self would too.


Pool area lighting refers to lighting installed within the space surrounding your pool or hot tub. This could include the decking, sitting walls or areas, gazebos, bridges, pergolas, and any trees, shrubs, or flowers in that space. Having this area illuminated can help prevent slips and falls and makes the edges of the water clearly visible. Visibility within this area is critical for the safety of swimmers and non-swimmers alike. Of course, as an adult, I’d still side with Mom and say no running even in the presence of light, but pool area lighting makes what was once a hazardous trek into a enchanting one.


Create a mesmerizing scene with pool area lighting.

Create a mesmerizing scene with pool area lighting.

While safety is always paramount, the effect of pool area lighting on your mood cannot be matched by any other improvement. Perfectly positioned path lights softly illuminate walkways and the surrounding decking. Dramatic uplighting highlights the trunk and foliage of trees that mark the edge of the space. The colors of your lush plants and flowers compliment the mood, making you feel like you’re relaxing at one of your favorite resorts. Soft rays reflect off the your pool’s ripples creating a sight that is both mesmerizing and serene. You inhale, exhale, and let the water wash all your stress away. It’s true your nighttime swims have grown up a bit, but now that you’re sitting here soaking in the beauty and calm, aren’t you glad?


Evenings are getting warmer, and the perfect night for a swim is closer than you think. Don’t wait, or you may be making the responsible adult decision to forego that swim. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia today, and give yourself the gift of pool area lighting. Be honest, you’ve wanted it since you were a kid.




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