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outdoor accent lighting columbia sc

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia makes all your spaces look better.

Accent lighting is probably not considered an absolutely essential element for homeowners, but there are a multitude of benefits to installing a professionally designed outdoor lighting system. Here are five completely practical and often overlooked reasons to have Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia design and implement your outdoor accent lighting:

  • Remarkable Curb Appeal: This reason stands out most from the others. By adding outdoor accent lighting to your Columbia home you are really giving it a major “WOW” factor at nighttime. Well lit homes have a certain warmth about them that creates an inviting atmosphere. If your home is beautiful in the day, why not truly accent it at night? There is no reason your home’s beauty should go away when the sun goes down.
  • More Security and Peace of Mind: When pulling into your driveway in the evening, our outdoor lighting can help you to see perfectly. Statistically speaking, a house that is well lit is much less likely to be targeted by intruders or burglars than a dark house in the exact same neighborhood. We have many ways of allowing you to control when your outdoor lights are on, and when they are not; thus allowing for your home to always appear occupied. We have timers and control devices that allow for you to appear to be home, whether you actually are home or you’re one thousand miles away on an extended vacation. Another excellent deterrent for would be burglars or intruders. Simply put, you will have peace of mind when pulling into a well lit driveway and home at night.
Give your friends and family a warm welcome with outdoor accent lighting.

Give your friends and family a warm welcome with outdoor accent lighting.


  • Great Investment Value: Unlike a pool, money spent on a high quality outdoor lighting installation is reflected more than a “dollar-for-dollar” rate in a home valuation. Outdoor accent lighting is potentially one of the best investments you can make into your home.
  • Extend the Usability of Your Outdoor Living Areas: Do you have a nice gathering area in your backyard? Perhaps you have a pool or an outdoor kitchen that goes dormant once it’s completely dark outside. There is no need to be confined inside your home once the sun goes down. With a professionally installed outdoor lighting system, both you and your guests will be able to enjoy your home’s outdoor living areas during the pleasant months long after the sun has gone down.
  • Bring Your Landscaping to Life at Nighttime: Everyone who has new landscaping installed is more than likely completely enamored with it. In fact, it’s probably their now favorite part of their home. Why should your beautiful new landscaping disappear for nearly half the day? With a professionally installed outdoor accent lighting in your home’s landscaping, everyone will notice how truly gorgeous your yard is both day and especially night (see curb appeal).
outdoor accent lighting columbia sc

A warm glow of light can transcend your home’s outdoor living areas’ beauty at night.

There are numerous benefits of having professionally installed outdoor lighting, too many to list here. However, if you ever have any questions about what Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia can do to accentuate your home’s beauty, increase your visibility during the evenings, or simply make your neighbors jealous of your glowing landscape, fill out our contact form to the upper right, email us at, or you can always give us a call at (803) 935-4611.


outdoor lighting perspectives of Columbia

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