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Water features have become increasingly popular in Columbia backyards the last several years. It could be a rocky mountain waterfall in the corner of your yard, a pebble stream leading down to your dock or a stone structure on your patio. Water features give Columbia residents year-round enjoyment with the soothing sounds of the trickling water. But if you don’t have Columbia outdoor lighting showing off your water feature at night, you’re missing out on a lot.

Relaxing and captivating at the same time, the trickling sounds ease all the cares of the day away. Imagine sitting on your deck or patio watching the light bounce off the movement of the water at night, enjoying the full experience only possible with water feature lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia. Our approach to water feature lighting is much like our approach to landscape lighting, architectural lighting, deck and patio lighting and every other area of your outdoor living spaces. Bringing out our clients’ vision while enhancing the best characteristics of their space.

Each water feature we light is as unique as our clients, so every trait is taken into consideration as we design the best custom lighting plan for your water feature. And, we go beyond the focal aspect to look at the foliage, trees, pathways and sitting areas surrounding the feature because outdoor lighting is about enhancing the entire area. Take a look at this water feature in one of our client’s backyard. The fountain was placed in the middle of their patio so using our cast brass underwater lights were perfect for this setting. Our fixtures are made of solid brass and designed with waterproof and watertight gaskets. The lights shine up on the stone structure to show the textures of the material but also bounce off the cascading water as it falls to the base. Because our case brass underwater lights give off plenty of illumination, we only needed to add some additional path lighting around the seating area to create the perfect ambiance to this setting.

Columbia water feature lighting


It is important, when lighting a water feature, to illuminate the water and surroundings using various fixtures to accentuate the entire space. With this feature, not only did we light the pathway leading up to the feature, behind the water itself, but also installed up lighting on both sides to show the brick wall and creeping ivy surrounding the piece. The combination of these fixtures not only highlights movement, textures and reflections but makes the focal point one worthy of an entire night of gazing.


Columbia focal lighting in backyard

You may not think of a babbling creek as a water feature but if you had one that looked like this clients, you would definitely want to view it and listen to it from the deck above. All that was needed to bring this water movement to life at night were our copper path lights placed along the edges of the brook. The light reflects off the water as it dances down the stream bringing hours of soothing enjoyment to these homeowners.

Columbia path lighting by water

Choosing the perfect lighting effect for your Columbia water feature is part of the custom design plan you will receive from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia. Our extensive line of copper and brass fixtures and our experience in the outdoor lighting industry allows us to choose the perfect light for your space. You’ll receive nothing but awe-inspiring beauty.

If you have a water feature or are considering the addition of one at your Columbia home that you would like to enjoy even more after the sun goes down, give us a call. We are the area’s premier outdoor lighting designers and will capture that look and feel you desire. All the work you put into making it look great during can be enjoyed at night with custom outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia.

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