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Get your outdoor living spaces ready for fall gatherings with outdoor lighting.

Get your outdoor living spaces ready for fall gatherings with outdoor lighting.

August is over half way done, meaning we have just a little more than a month of official summertime left. The kids are starting back to school, and fall is practically here. With milder temperatures arriving soon, it’s time to start thinking about how you want to spend your evenings before winter drives you back indoors. Fall is time to enjoy being outside as the cool air invigorates us. It’s the perfect season for a barbeque with friends enjoying drinks or a fire pit night with the family making s’mores. Are you ready? Are your outdoor spaces ready? In addition to good food, drinks, and decorations, you’ll need to be able to see since night falls sooner. With Columbia outdoor lighting, not only will you get visibility in those outdoor spaces, but you’ll also get ambiance you can’t create any other way.


When you host your outdoor gatherings this fall, they will probably occur on the deck, on the patio, or around the fire pit. Columbia outdoor lighting can transform all three of these outdoor living spaces into welcoming places filled with cheer and laughter, all while performing some very important functions. These functions differ depending on the area.


Outdoor lighting helps create distinction between your patio and the rest of your yard.

Outdoor lighting helps create distinction between your patio and the rest of your yard.

Decks – Decks, like patios and fire pits, have sitting areas that need illumination in order for those using the area to navigate within them safely, but decks also have edges and steps that must be visible. Of course, you probably have railings, but even with them, it is quite easy for a foot to slip underneath the rail and over the edge in the dark. Columbia deck lighting makes those edges visible and ER trips less likely.


Patios – Patios are not typically elevated and often don’t have walls around them, so they may need some characteristics to help set them apart from the rest of the yard. Columbia patio lighting is the perfect addition to accomplish this. In addition to preventing collisions between guests, the lighted area of your patio will create distinction even without walls, hedges, or rails.


Make your outdoor living spaces beautiful and safe.

Make your outdoor living spaces beautiful and safe.

Fire Pits – From time to time, homeowners initially believe they will be able to get adequate illumination for a fire pit area from the fire itself. While some light will certainly be cast by the fire, remember that the intensity of firelight fluctuates greatly as a fire burns, and even at its brightest, a fire only provides one light source. This will create multiple areas of shadow and multiples areas where your guests may be fumbling about.


Columbia outdoor lighting for your deck, patio, or fire pit area gives functional illumination, so your guests are less likely to spill a drink or trip. It also creates festive, lively atmospheres that can drive the party. Finally, lighting itself is a decoration. Illuminating these spaces with light from various angles and with differing intensities allows your guests to see your outdoor living spaces in a new way.


Don’t let your guests fumble around in the dark or wonder about what facial expressions are saying during conversation. Add outdoor lighting to your deck, patio, or fire pit area, and make your next outdoor gathering, whether large or small, a night to remember.



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