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outdoor accent lighting columbia scYou’ve probably already noticed. The air is cooler, and night is coming sooner. Fall has finally arrived in Columbia. While the cooler temperatures are a relief and the kids are finally settled into a new school year, the shorter days do present some challenges. Evening yard work is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and you’re more than likely already returning home from work or errands to a pitch black driveway, fumbling with keys, maybe even tripping over the garden hose. No one likes to grapple through the dark to get inside their home, and let’s face it, it’s can be dangerous, too. In addition to trip hazards, shadows can even hide harmful creatures, like snakes or spiders, but you don’t have to face these dangers in the dark this fall and winter. Adding outdoor lighting to your Columbia SC home can greatly increase your peace of mind in knowing your home is safe and more secure.

outdoor LED lighting Columbia SCDriveway lighting, entryway lighting, and path lighting can ease the passage into your home for you, your family, and your guests. These types of outdoor lighting help you see any obstructions to your path, like the toy that wasn’t put away by your children or the rake that was left out by your gardener. Being able to see such objects helps you avoid trips and falls that could ruin your evening and even cause an accident and subsequent trip to the emergency room. Additionally, driveway lighting can help guests easily see where to park their vehicles, helping to prevent bump-up collisions or door dings. Columbia driveway, path and entry lighting promotes a welcoming atmosphere. Columbia outdoor lighting promises you’ll arrive to a home and landscape that is warm, beautiful and relaxing.

landscape lighting Columbia SCColumbia outdoor lighting, including architectural lighting and landscape lighting, can also increase security on your property. It is no secret that thieves, vandals, and others with ill-intent like shadows. Dark properties give them plenty of places to hide and go unnoticed by neighbors or passersby. Outdoor lighting reduces hiding places that provide this cover. This makes it more likely that such a person will by-pass your home and pick a more shadowed, obscured residence.

Columbia SC outdoor Christmas lighting installationChildren seemingly have an inherent fear of the dark. As parents, we comfort them and assure them monsters do not exist. But kids really do have a point – harmful things can indeed lurk in the shadows, whether they are obstacles waiting to trip us or unsavory characters. No, they aren’t the creatures of myth, but darkness harbors dangers. Drive some of that darkness away with outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia this fall and winter. Call us today at 803-935-4611, email us at, fill out the form to the upper right, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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